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Tom Parish. Visual Echo

Tom Parish, Memoria, 2009, 183 x 152 cm | Courtesy of Shirley ed Erin Parish

The exhibition set up at the Cloister of Madonna dell'Orto constitutes a sort of spiritual testament commissioned by Tom Parish himself (Hibbing-Minnesota, 1933 - Detroit 2018), who had chosen this very symbolic and evocative place still alive to expose his works in the Lagoon crowning a thirty-year love between the painter and the city of Venice. A selection of 20 large paintings, of which 9 unpublished realized between 2017 and 2018, opens up a world dominated by water whose slow and relentless flow is mixed with the shadows and reflections generated by the imposing Venetian palaces, majestic and fragile together, at the mercy of endless motion. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, the city eternally suspended between dream and reality has become a favorite and unique subject of a life, in a symbiotic and visceral relationship that the artist's wife and daughter, Shirley and Erin Parish, artists themselves, have decided to celebrate with this precious and intense exhibition.

  1. Keywords: venice, paintings,, nozio business, exhibitions 2019, chiostro della madonna dell'orto, tom parish. visual echo