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Mariko Mori’s evolutionary crystal

Mariko Mori, Peace Crystal, 2016-2024 | Photo: Marta Buso | Courtesy Faou Foundation

Peace Crystal is the name of the site-specific work inaugurated on 15 June 2024 in Venice, in the Garden of Palazzo Corner della Ca' Granda, headquarters of the Metropolitan City, through which Mariko Mori, a well-known Japanese artist for her constant exploration of universal themes at the intersection of life, death, reality and technology, invites us to reflect on our common humanity. The installation is visible from the Grand Canal and can be visited for free until 7 October by reservation only, via the Bloomberg Connects App or via the Palazzo Diedo ticket office. Mori's work refers to Buddhist philosophy, symbolizing the human body as a container of the eternal soul, which cyclically goes through life, death and rebirth. The exhibit includes a visit to Hoju, a fiberglass structure that protects Peace Crystal, the crystal as tall as an average modern man, balanced on its narrowest point, representing the evolutionary crossroads where Mori believes humans conquered the upright position, starting to develop intelligence and spirituality, and to receive energy from celestial and terrestrial forces. Mariko Mori is also among the artists featured in the exhibition underway at Palazzo Diedo (JANUS, until 24 November) which displays Peace Crystal: A Prayer for Peace, an in-depth look at the artist's work for the Faou Foundation and on previous installations created in Japan and Brazil.

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