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Leonardo. Genius and Beauty

Leonardo da Vinci, Portrait of Ginevra de 'Benci, About 1474-1478, Oil on panel, 37 x 42.7 cm, Washington, National Gallery of Art

The exhibition created for the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's death investigates his lesser-known activity of creator of fragrances and cosmetics, through the reconstruction of the dense network of exchanges between the main Renaissance courts that allowed to share experiments and cosmetic recipes between the Master and the most important female figures of the time. Among the avant-garde recipes of depilatory ointments, snail slime creams and hair dyes, the complex hairstyles, adorned with jewels, nets and fragrant fabrics that peep out of countless paintings of the time, you breathe in particular the atmosphere of the court Milanese by Ludovico il Moro, for whom Leonardo was a party organizer, designer of clothes and costumes, creator of fabrics, jewels and perfumes, and the privileged affinity with Venice emerges, another elective place about the passion for the art of perfuming and rouge.

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