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All’estero & Dr K. Takes the Waters at Riva: Version A

Rochelle Golberg, Tan of Cuna Series, 2018 | Photo: Brando Prizzon | Courtesy of A plus A Gallery, Venice

The title of the exhibition refers to the Chapters 2 and 3 of Vertigo, novel by W.G. Sebald, which tells of two journeys from Vienna to Venice, a first visit to the Lagoon City in 1980, narrated in the first person, and a second trip in the shoes of the imaginary Dr. K - or Franz Kafka - inspired by a business trip in 1913, which brought the German-speaking writer to navigate between reason and paranoia, following an itinerary that highlights the topography and history of Europe. The sixteen young curators, gathered in Venice from June to September 2018, to attend the School for Curatorial Studies Venice and headed up by Saim Demircan, interpret the two Chapters by Sebald, creating a collective exhibition of international artists including Whitney Claflin, Stephan Dillemuth, Rochelle Goldberg, Nick Mauss, Sophie Reinhold, Mark Van Yetter and Miriam Yammad.

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